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December 08, 2009


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When my husband and I first married, we didn't own a dining room table so we ate on the couch in front of the TV. I always hated it, but he grew up doing that so it didn't bother him. Now we have a daughter, a dining room and a lovely dining table and he still eats on the couch in front of the TV. Daughter and I eat at the table (because allowing a 3 year-old to eat dinner on the couch is quite possibly the worst idea in the world.)

I'd say if your dining table is uncomfortable, keep eating in the living room. It's hard to enjoy a good meal when you're not comfortable. Just don't get so used to eating in the living room that you waste a perfectly good dining space when you have one someday! :)

masion d'etre

Well, we have a dining room. It's just that it's being used as a studio space by my roommate. I think I have to ask her to make it shared space again!


How often does she use the studio space? How often would you eat at the dining table? I'm thinking roommate's work space trumps infrequent dinner guest use. How often do you have guests? Could you relocate the kitchen table into the living room on the occasions when you need eating space for two?

You could also clear off the coffee table, make people sit on the floor, and only serve exotic meals. (Moroccan tagine?)


Delicious meals, good conversation and friends with whom to share it all deserve a proper dining table. You have the room. Now all you need is the table! Your roommate will adjust to the new scenario.


I hate eating in the living room but thats what we do its become the default place people eat in the house when im by myse.. Neat :)

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