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February 05, 2009


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YES. I am weirdly obsessed with this movie. It's like the whole world just makes her suffocate. I am sure we can all relate in some way.


My aunt watched that movie and promptly became environmentally sensitive.
It's like that movie 'Communion' with Christopher Walken - almost everybody who sees it begins to think they've been abducted by aliens.


never seen it! or heard of it?

masion d'etre

Oh, it's this great Todd Haynes movie about a woman who becomes environmentally sensitive. To EVERYTHING.


This is one of my faves - the soundtrack is eerie and ominous and the film unfolds slowly and believably. Then there's Julianne ... always stellar!


I saw this movie years ago when I was single and living in River North. It inspired me to clean, clean house! Now I am married, and have a four year old and living in the suburbs.....I think I need to watch this again to get inspired.....
I love Julianne Moore!

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