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February 06, 2009


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Funny, I was contemplating a similar sofa question just this morning...

(assuming it doesn't smell funky...)
I actually love the upholstery as-is....it's kinda of a funky organic chevron...and the color is very cheery.
And it has good lines if you ever want to refinish....so yes, yes, YES!


I like the way it looks, too. So it's a yes for me (if that means anything)


definitely, yes! if you don't, i will.


another yes! if you don't buy it, i will! i love the color.


I'm in the minority, but it looks lumpy and sloppy to me, like an unmade bed. If there were two substantial but sleek back pillows instead of four chubby ones, I'd like it loads more.


the lines on this are great and i love how long it is - great candidate for a makeover. i think it would look fab recovered and would have the 4 back cushions changed to 2.

plus the feet are extra cool!

depends on the price but i would definitely consider it.


yes, yes!
the beauty of this piece in my mind is that it's perfectly great how it is now, AND will be outstanding when you decide you want it looking fresher. So it can live with you now without it making you crazy. If the price is great, go for it!


p.s. please replace those funkadelic roller thingy's underneath.


Oh such a good makeover project. And the perfect length for naps!


I love vintage, but that thing looks like it smells of old people ...


David Smith

No No No- come on go buy something new that Emma can make hers.


The extra legnth (and upholstery) reminds me of the one Elvis had custom made for his living room at Graceland. Forget the old people does it smell like bong water?


It has good color economy, you could just go with silver, and pale grey and white for everything else, except for a sunny-side up egg here and there. I like the scale of the pillows too, and the bamboo-type foliage, and the little crook on the armies, I mean arms.


imagine not buying it. now imagine how much you'd regret it.

there's your answer x


No question. YES.

maison d'etre

Okay, that's more yesses than nos. It's still available and I saw a similar one at the local antique mall for four times the cost. There are two concerns I have a) will it fit in my living room without blocking the hallway (photos to come) and b) does it smell weird. I will try to get up close and personal with it asap and let you know.

Ann K

I love the color... how comfortable is it? It's got a nice shape, so recovering it would work well after Emma is done sharpening her claws on it...


Of course you should, It looks like it has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor, not to mention its good looking. All the traits a women needs.



henriksen butler

Now that's what I call beautiful, I highly suggest you buy that thing, it's very elegant and looks comfortable, I like the style of its linings or decorations also its color is what I call neutral, than can match a lot of colors in your home, like white, red, green,yellow and many more.. so better grab that one out or else, someone may get it =)


Love the pattern, but the cushions look lumpy.

P.s. Welcome to Chicago and hell yeah we like to grill :)

amanda claire

After a bit of thought, I would say yes. I like it's lengthiness. My only reservation would be the wheels it appears to stand on... wouldn't want a shifty sofa?! Welcome to chi.


So, did you buy it! Looking forward to seeing you create your new home.

David Smith

Come on already ! ! ! ! !
What's the deal ! ! ! ! !

What, Did ja' run back ta Brooklyn ta ask someone ?

Ya getin' it or not ?


ummm. no i see where youre trying to go but there are wwwwWWaaAAyyy cooler couches..

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