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February 04, 2009


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Yeah--my friend's ultra-paranoid mom! She has two! Luckily the whole family knows the combinations so they can access their piles of gold.

I'm glad you've started this blog. I really enjoyed (though never commented) the blog you did for Domino. Looking forward to your new adventures in Chicago!

masion d'etre

Hi riye!
Welcome. Two safes, huh?


Thanks! Yes and several top secret safety deposit boxes that my friend had a hard time uncovering when her mom passed away last year. (I think the paranoia was part of her illness.)

Maybe your safe is like the blocked off door in "Coraline"--only open at certain times of the day! (Maybe its a stockpile of formalyhyde.)

Kate F.

Ooh ooh ooh!!!

Ok, if the trillions of early-20th century British mysteries I've been reading since I was 12 tell the truth, you can figure out the combination if you work slowly and listen carefully for the tumblers!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safe-cracking

emerson merrick

The nancy drew in me says to hire yourself a locksmith!


My boss bought a heritage listed home and it has a VAULT!! Thank God it's not working but the Vault is huge and he does not know what to do with it. I suggested an entertainment room. :*)

masion d'etre

Oh, I'm going home tonight and cracking that safe. What if there's something in there????


mobster gold!!


Look in the yellow pages under 'yegg?'

Ann K

That's so cool... if you can't get it open yourself, you've got to have a locksmith out there... the mystery!

Liz Tracey

The story below occured about a half mile from me, you should be so lucky except for that in the end after all the legal wrangling, nobody ended up with anything:


Liz Tracey

Oh yeah, if you have a stethoscope and patience I would be willing to come and crack it for you.

maison d'etre

I tried cracking it, but it didn't work. Will keep at it.

maison d'etre

By the way, Kate F., my favorite part of that Wikipedia entry is the "brute force" paragraph on how to tear the thing open.

Kate F.

Heeeee hee hee. Seems like a good hobby for wet/cold Chicago evenings!


I once bought an antique armoire equiped with locks on all the doors, but no key. All but one of the doors were open, so I didn't bother to open it right away. When I finally got the door open (curious family members wouldn't let it stay shut), we found the original receipt from a Swedish department store over 100 years ago, and a small ceramic dish.

It's cool to know the history of the piece, but I think I liked the mystery better.


Could it be where Al Capone's secret cache is?
I think safe cracking and lockpicking are things every enterprising girl/woman should be able to do in a pinch. This new apartment is giving you some excellent opportunities for expanding your horizons!


ask the bartender at the green mill if capone ever used your abode as a safe house (pun intended?)


I would be so frakking paranoid having this in my place...though that could be because of previous things i have had in my place that when opened contained a weird 'mix' of junk. LOL.

Seriously though..see if you can get it opened.


masion d'etre

I've tried, with no luck, dang it. Al Capone, huh? Okay.


If this was in my house I would not be able to resist fiddling with it daily in the hopes that one day, when the universe decided the time was right, it would open and there would be dozens of gold coins!!!!


No, don't open it - the mystery is too succulent. Think what a book it could make...Scrap moves to Chicago into an old casa of mobsters. People are watching her, a strange smell wafts through her apartment, each chapter a different possibility of safe contents. More escutcheon plates, emeralds, a copy of the original KFC recipe.

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