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January 29, 2009


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Ann K

Oh... good luck with the traveling kitty. I drove from WI to TX with mine and I was almost ready to make him into a muff by the end of it. Make sure to cover her carrier with a towel or blanket that smells like you, that seems to help a lot (though with the Benadryl you may not need to...). Is Miss Djuna still with you as well?


Oh, Miss Djuna had to be put to sleep last summer. Poor Djuna. Whenever I think of her, I play that Al Stewart song, "The Year of the Cat".

Ann K

How sad :( I'm sorry to hear that. I've become a fan of her namesake's poetry thanks to mentions in the Scrappy blog.


I just stumbled across your blog while reading Domino news. I was SO sad to hear about the passing of one of my favorite magazines but I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Good luck with the kitty! We drug our Siamese too. We're also big fans of cooling pads. Sometimes those little carriers can get really hot.

Liz Tracey

So did it work? What dosage did you use? From what I've read it's 1mg/1lb. Gimme a report, I need to demat Isadora and she's a total bitch when it comes to grooming.

Then again, she's like 95 years old. I'd be bitchy too if someone kept trying to catch me with a hair clipper.

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