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February 06, 2009


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I lurked at your other site for a very long time and since I live in Chicago, I want to welcome you to our fair, cold, overpriced, but lovely city. Can't wait to see what you think about our town as you get to know it, and hopefully love it.


love it, but listen. I bought a gorgeous vintage sofa/loveseat combo that was pristine (until I rolled it down the alley to get it through my back door since it was too big for the front door).

It is stuffed with real (1950's?) feathers and it turns out that my partner is allergic. Can you spend some time laying on it before you buy?




YES!,we used to have a long sofa like this in my grandparents basement. I wish I would have never let my mother give it away to family members who tore it up :(


Oh it is amazing. I hope you now own it. And don't change it because it is perfect.

David Smith

hey, what did you do, get a job or sometin' ?


wow it's huge!! you could recover it.


Take it. I grew on a long couch as this. A brother over 6 ft would fall asleep regularly on the couch. All sprawled out and falied to touch either end. Yes a long couch is wonderful. Just add more cushions. You will love it. It will continue to wear like a pair of old slippers. And, it needs to be a little frumpy. That's comfort. Hope it ends up in your new apartment.


Yes. Looks incredibly comfy! I can see many lazy weekends spent lounging on a sofa like this. Your living room will need to be able to take in something this huge.


Katherine! Let us know what you have been up to! mmc


how come nobody has asked - how much is it? i think it looks great but for me price is definitely a factor.



How goes it in Chi-town?

the girl with the hair

yes! i love it! it's interesting and not like everything else... well, i shouldn't be talking, i dont' know anything about what couches/sofas are out there, except what's at ikea.....


if you DO (or did) get it..you can have legs where the casters are and if you have it reupholstered, have 2 back cushions instead of 4...will look neater. I may take my folks mid century (1950 Lawson sofa) built like a rock . but seat cushions registering fatigue after nearly 60 years of fanny cheeks sitting on them...you'd be lumpy too :)

better lumpy cushions than lumpy arse tho. :)


actually this looks more late 60's to me..............

the girl with the hair

are you going to start blogging again soon? i love reading your posts. =)


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